Cream&Coal is a collaborative initiative by Jessika Hunter influenced by our love for snow, surf, movement, and the environment. Conscious fashion in the wild, doing the things we love.

Jessika is available for hire to shoot, curate,  and work with shops and brands on creating lookbooks and add campaigns for seasonal branding, email cream.coal@gmail.com for any collaborative ideas.

Our brand friends: Wild&Heart, RVCA Womens, lululemon athletica, Billabong Womens, Burton Girls, 686 Outerwear, Airhole Facemasks, Postmark Brewing, Joanna Magik

Instagram: @creamandcoal  //   TWITTER: @creamandcoal  //  BLOGLOVIN’ // creamandcoal.tumblr.com // Pinterest: @creamandcoal

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  1. Love the blog! Where in Canada are you from?! I am from Nelson, BC and am currently living in Auckland! Love the “just because we are girls who love ‘boy’ sports, doesn’t mean we have to look like them, just because we live in a laid back culture, doesn’t mean we have to loose our style.” So True!


  2. love your blog, so different from everything else you find on the net! it would be amazing if you could blog more often! Winters heading our way in Finland, and got to start looking for fresh shred gear! already got my eyes on the gloria avatar block pants… 🙂


  3. Amazing blog! I have tried to email you but it doesn’t send. Please let me know how I can connect with you. Thanks!


  4. I just love your blog and the free and pretty style. The outfits are so fun and unique, and I’m always a sucker for Vans. Surfing became my favorite thing in the world this summer and I love how you add it to your fashion. Keep it up, and check out my blog (bitsandlittlepieces.com) while you’re at it!



  5. I absolutely love the photography on this blog! I’m from Vancouver and get immense pleasure from seeing your pictures!


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